Best of Hopi Land SPIDERWEB!


  • Award Winning Hopi Silverwork
  • Designed INSIDE bonus
  • SUNFACE motif, best overlay!
  • Best of Sinai SPIDERWEB, Perfection!
  • Luminous Robins Egg Blue
  • MUSEUM Quality!

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  1. Hopi jewelers have broken free of the original Hopi jewelry mold. Hopi veterans returned from World War 2 to an Indian jewelry dominated by Navajo turquoise and Zuni lapidary jewelry.
    Sage Hopi leaders quickly devised a style of their own invention, OVERLAY silverwork. This not only became a style “owned” by the Hopi. It was a long, steep climb but the Hopi became famous for their precision and flowing tribal symbols. Hopi bracelets spoke loudly of Hopi legends and spread their beliefs far and wide. Navajo tried desperately to mimic the Hopi, as did others. But Hopi skill levels increased in response and nowadays the Hopi are unsurpassed in the art of overlay.

Better, the Hopi learned to adroitly add top level turquoise, typically a Navajo thing. The big difference is that top grade and rare turquoise makes its way to the top Hopi silversmiths more than other tribes. GO HOPI!

ADD TO THAT, one of the finest natural Sinai turquoise cabochon yet unearthed, and you have a top level MASTERPIECE from the talented hands of Emmett Navakuku. Award winning artisans enjoy high grade gemstones, this is a prime example. Luminous Robins Egg BLUE, lined with the purest of SPIDERWEB grade host matrix, few better.
Designed on the INSIDE as well as masterful inlay in traditional Hopi overlay. Extra weight silver. Delicate, yet bold.

True COLLECTIBLE! Brand new.

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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