Minnie Vigil Seed Pot


  • Master potter
  • Minnie Vigil
  • Seed pot with lid
  • ca.1978
  • Very good to excellent condition

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No Pueblo Potter is more under-appreciated than Minnie Vigil. Born and raised as Santa Clara, daughter of MATRIARCH, Petra Gutierrez. Yes , the same family known for POLYCHROME. Minnie Vigil is a daughter of Petra Gutierrez is mother to Minnie, Gloria Garcia (GoldenRod), Thelma Talachy and Lois Gutierrez, each notable. Minnie makes few pottery nowadays. Exactly how her fabulous talents have escaped the higher levels of pricing is a lingering mystery. Minnie was an innovator, a lifelong coil method potter, and helped her son, Tim (Sunbird) learn Gutierrez family pottery skills.

This bulbuous seed jar is well formed with rag wash white ground and multicolored. A true POLYCHROME! Seed jar with a STOPPER lid! About the size of a softball with quadrant designs including Minnie’s signature SUNFACE encased in feathers. How many colors can you count?

MY COLLECTION. ca.1980. Only one small smudge, otherwise very good to excellent condition.

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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in


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