BISBEE Squashblossom Harrison Jim


  • Harrison Jim, Navajo Dine
  • Perfect round silver beads
  • Old style blossoms
  • Matching earrings
  • Strung on leather strap
  • Tufa ingot Naja
  • BISBEE, high grade gemstone

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Harrison Jim doesn’t need a reputation. He already has one. And he doesn’t need a following. He has that too. His life is balanced. But he continues to scratch an itch, salved only by new jewelry.

As an artist, none seem more qualified than Harrison Jim. He is adept at all phases of Native jewelry – designing, fabricating, casting, stringing, lapidary – whatever his ingenuity takes him. Harrison Jim, noted Navajo Dine’ artisan!

This premium squashblossom necklace by Harrison is among his best. It is full sized, with his impecible silver beads. Each hemisphere of Harrison’s beads are perfect. No seconds or redos here. Just first rate silver beads, each hemisphere globular perfection and mated to its counterpart. No flaws.

Harrison’s naja is similar, but cast in tufa mold, hand carved stone work. He carves a cavity in the reverse likeness of his naja, then pours molten silver to fill the design. Each pouring is one-of-a-kind, as the mold self destructs on each pour. This one is perfect. Finished in the highest order and mounted with a Joe Tanner quality (the best) BISBEE gemstone. A real museum piece, with earrings!

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


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